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What is PowerNukkit?

PowerNukkit is a modified version of Nukkit, a Bedrock Edition Minecraft server software made in Java, which adds support to a huge amount of features like water-logging, all new blocks, more plugin events, offhand slot, bug fixes and many more.



Talk with other developers and server owners, have fun, troubleshoot and share experiences together.

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Live chat with other creators, good to solve quick issues and plan the future.

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Perfect place to report issues and make suggestions using the issues system. Talk direct to the devs.

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Stable Versions
2021-12-21 19:26

Testing / Snapshot / Incomplete Versions 

Pterodactyl Eggs

If you are manager of a Pterodactyl  control panel,  you can import our egg, and it will manage the PowerNukkit installation and updates by itself.

The eggs are provided in two flavors:

Auto-Update on Restart
Auto-Update on Reinstall

If you are just a user of the panel and you are unable to access the admin panel to install eggs, you may ask for an admin to install the egg or manually download PowerNukkit from this page and replace the original server jar on your container. But if this is also not allowed by your hosting provider then you must contact them to get support.

Contact Us

If you find any bugs or have any suggestion, please use the GitHub Issues system preferably. But if you can't or have difficulties using it, you can also use the PowerNukkit Community forums or have a talk at our Discord guild.

Have fun! 😁

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